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Terms & Conditions

Discovery Rentals (herein called "the Owner") hereby rents to the undersigned (herein called "the Customer") the vehicle described (herein called "the Vehicle"), subject to all of the conditions and provisions contained herein, inconsideration whereof, Customer acknowledges and agrees:

  1. Said vehicle is the property of the Owner and is in good mechanical and physical condition unless specified otherwise herein. Customer will return the Vehicle together with all tyres, tools, accessories, and equipment in the same condition as received ordinary wear and tear excepted, to the Owner's terminal or as otherwise specified or sooner, if demanded by the Owner.
  2. The said vehicle shall not be used, operated or driven :
    • by any person younger than 18 years
    • by any person other than the person registered in this contract
    • by any person under the influence of intoxicants or narcotics
    • for the transportation of persons or property for hire or for any consideration, express or implied;
    • by any person in violation of law as to age, or by any person who has given the Owner fictitious name or address;
    • in any race, speed test, or in any contest, or in any negligent or unsafe manner or in violation of any law;
    • to propel or tow any vehicle or trailer or carry any excessive load or in a manner as to result in unreasonable wear and tear to the vehicle;
    • for any illegal purpose.
  3. In the event of an accident or damage to the Vehicle, the Customer is liable for the first $2000 (Tala) Excess.
  4. In the event of an accident or damage to the Vehicle, the Customer is liable for the first $2500 (Tala) Excess if:
    • the Customer is younger than 21 years old
    • or the Customer's Drivers License is less than 12 months old from the initial issue date.
  5. Insurance Reduction is available at an additional WST25.00/day.  If the Insurance Reduction option is taken the Customer is not liable for the Insurance Excess stipulated in Clauses 3 & 4.
  6. Not withstanding Clauses 3-5 the Customer is liable for:
    • Fines and court costs for parking, traffic offences and towing
    • Repairs to windscreen, stereo and  tyre damages and/or replacement
    • Loss of Income, in the event of an accident and/or damage to the rental Vehicle, from the day of the accident to the time the vehicle has been fully repaired, of - $194/day Tucson; $172/day Getz; $249/day Hilux; $299/day Hiace Van. The minimum Loss of Income payable by the Customer is 7days; and the maximum is 14 days.
  7. Insurance Excess on the Vehicle windscreen is $1000 (Tala) and is non-waivable.
  8. Insurance Excess on the Vehicle windscreen is $1200 (Tala) if:
    • the Customer is younger than 21 years old
    • or the Customer's Drivers License is less than 12 months old from the initial issue date.
  9.  Payment may be made by credit card, travellers cheque or cash.  When paying by cash, a refundable Bond of $500 (Tala) is also required and is returned to the Customer if the Vehicle has been returned in the same condition that it was given.
  10. The word "day" as used herein shall mean time of 24 hours.  Minimum rental period is one day.  The Customer shall pay for hours in excess of one day of the hourly rate specified herein not to exceed another full day's rental.  Additional hours are charged at $30/hour Tucson; $25/hour Getz; $50/hour Hilux; $50/hour Van.
  11. The Vehicle will be released at a Full Fuel tank and is to be refilled at the Customers Expense.  A charge of $25 Service Fee will apply additional to the refuel cost if the Customer has not returned the Vehicle at the Fuel level that it was released at.
  12. The Customer shall in no event be or deemed to be the agent, servant or employee of Owner in any manner or for any purpose whatsoever.
  13. The Owner shall not be liable for loss or damage to any property left of stored or transported by the Owner in or upon the Vehicle before or after the return thereof to the Owner, whether or not said loss or damge was caused by or related to the negligence of the Owner, its agents, servants of employees.  Customer agrees to hold harmless from and to defend and indemnify Owner against all claims based upon or arising out of such loss or damage.
  14.  A Cancellation fee applies of $50 (Tala) if the Rental Vehicle booking is cancelled.  This fee does not apply if the Customer advised the cancellation at least 48 hours from the date/time the rental is to be returned.
  15. If the Customer has directed the billing for charges to another person, firm or organisation, who or which, upon being so billed shall fail to make payment, Customer upon demand promptly pay said charges.
  16. The Customer proceeds at own risk and expense on all private and unpaved roads.
  17. The Customer acknowledges that the Registration Certificate is now affixed inside of the Vehicle and agress any loss, removal or destruction thereof shall be the Customer's sole liability, and that the Customer shall hold the Owner harmless from any such loss and will pay any fines or penalties resulting therefrom.
  18. Only the Customer and other persons recorded in this Rental Agreement - with a valid Samoa Drivers' License or Temporary Samoa Drivers License issued by the Ministry of Transport or its Authorised Agents - are eligible to drive the Vehicle.
  19. The Customer acknowledges that he/she is solely liable for any and all personal injuries including death and property damage arising out of, or by reason of the use of the Vehicle.